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After installing AirTabs we found the handling of our Hino Rainbow motorhome significantly improved. The steering became much more positive with fewer corrections to stay straight and considerably better when driving in wind. There is reduced roll, and buffeting from oncoming trucks almost eliminated. We are delighted with our AirTabs

Ray Dunick 'Escapadp"

Ray and Shirley Dunick from Christchurch

I fitted Airtabs to my 4x 4 and caravan. What a difference, didn't feel the caravan on behind me. A friend following commented that the van was not swaying.

Stu -True Colours from Tauranga

"These things really do work" after a trip out on a windy day.
MIke Tapp

Mike Tapp from Christchurch

Just to let you know what a difference AIRTABS make to our 9 metre bus. We have no wobbles when a truck passes us going in the opposite direction and when we hit a pothole we don't bounce like we used to. I am finding the steering a breeze almost one finger most of the time.
It is unbelievable the difference they have made to our motoring.

Cheers Jean and Brian Harrington.

Brian and Jean Harrington from Waiau

I had Airtabs fitted to my van January 2014 after a very scary trip in the wind. When I drove it after they were fitted I thought someone had stolen my old van and given me a new one. The change in the handling was so noticeable. The van is more stable on the road, no more buffeting from large vehicles coming towards you and now a pleasure to drive, It is quiet with no wind noise and I get better economy.
Trevor Duncan.

Trevor Duncan from West Auckland

Since fitting AirTabs to the roof of my truck and at the rear edge of my box trailer it is very noticeable that the trailer travels with more stability. My fuel usage has improved.
John Ranstead.

John Ranstead A - H Freight from Huntly

The boys have reported that the trucks are now much more stable when driving.
Stuart Biggs - Star Transport.

Stuart Biggs - Star Transport from Nelson, Auckland.

after your visit here to fit airtabs to my 6x6 Landcruiser, a specalist Liquid Fert spraying vehicle, a very dirty airodymanic wise vehicle.
road test short distance showed the piro operating at 80+km about 30c less.
since changed diff drive so econmy test not applicable.
done run to West coast in meduim Norwest, surpised how vehicle justs points straight all the time, no correcting for side gusts, and no dramas when a curtain sider passes.
Michael Richards

Michael Richards from Rangiora

Since having Air Tabs installed to my Nissan Campervan it is much easier to drive.
I noticed the improved stability of the van from the first time i drove it.
I have found by using the Air Tabs my vehicle no longer feels like it is being pulled towards oncoming vehicles.
I would recommend air tabs to any one.
William Josephs

Willie and Jenny have since purchased another van, a 7 metre coaster and insisted on having AirTabs fitted to this immediately
after purchase having experienced a scary trip home with it.

Willie and Jenny Josephs from Auckland

As promised I an writing to say what a difference the Airtabs made to our
journey home on Easter Monday
The first thing we noticed was that the front vent no longer rattles which
sometimes has driven us mad. Even at slow speeds

The next thing was the quieter engine noise. We can now have a
conversation as we drive around the country.
We took the Hamilton road to get to Taupo and we would not be travelling
fast as Sheila had never been over that Road.
When we got Highway 1 were able to open the throttle up and traveled in
places at 120 Km yes we know we should not go over 90 k but the truck
handled the road so calmly. Passing trucks were no longer a problem.
Neither of us had realised the swaying that used to go on. We just
the problem was due to either the wind or the road surface. But no the
was just great. We should have fitted them years ago.
Thanks for yr help.

Dereck Wheeler from Levin

I purchased and had fitted Airtabs onto my cabover motorhome April 2014. The Airtabs work a treat, the motor doesn't rrrrrrrr as much and the van travels a lot faster and better.

Monika from Te Awamutu